How often will the screenshots be updated?
We will update the screenshots every three months. Once we update, you can also check the previous version of the page. You will be notified when there are any updates.
Are you planning to add new categories?
We are planning to add emails and ads screens in our upcoming versions.
Are you planning to add new companies?
We plan to add at least 50 companies to the list every month. We want to be the go-to resources page related to saas screenshots.
What do you offer differently than others?
Up-to date screenshots, easy to use platform, best in value.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription from your account page under settings.
Can I get an invoice?
Yes, if you need an invoice; please send your company invoice information to [email protected]
Is payment secure?
Yes, we use Stripe for payment.
How can I reach you for other questions?
Send us an email to [email protected]